Short Story Analysis – Revision

(For GF14: You have coped with this story already. Next Friday we will deal with something else. Anyway, use these links to find out more about this short story.)

You can practise a short story analysis right here using “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin.

Here‘s the story (with tips for an interpretation and the biography of Kate Chopin).

And here‘s a way of interpreting this short story. Try to understand the way the story is interpreted. Your job next Friday will be to write a short story analysis of “The Story of an Hour” in class. First, you will have the chance to exchange ideas in a group of four or five students. Later you’ll write your analysis on your own. You may ask me for advice any time!

Have fun studying at home and producing great results in class! Enjoy flipping!

By the way: If you would like to watch a film adaptation (maybe not 100% the same as the story), you can find it here. If you want the story to be read to you, choose this! (Tip: Reading or just listening to the story is much faster than watching the film!)