Blogging Task (Week 10/2017)

For the bloggers

Please put into your site notice (=Impressum) the following text:

Michael Stammeier (verantwortlicher Lehrer)

[Your nickname] (bloggender Schüler)

Berufliche Schule des Kreises Ostholstein in Eutin

Wilhelmstraße 6

23701 Eutin

Please read the following blog post and and the comments underneath it. Then make up your mind about…

  1. what your blog is going to be about (in general),
  2. what your preferred style of writing is.

Please note down your ideas in your first blog post on your own blog.


Why not write a blog?

Dear students,

as we have talked about writing a blog as a substitute for an exam, here’s the (optional!) deal: You write a blog. Every week you need one new blog entry. You will receive a grade not only for writing but part of your grade will be based on how correct you behave on the Internet.


Look forward to open your WordPress blog but first watch this video and let your parents sign the “Elterninformation”!

Create your own WordPress blog (and use the “nickname” you also use for our Quizlet vocabulary as your name and also as the name of the blog!) until February 16, 2017. Go to this website to create it. (Your WordPress blog can then be reached via http://”nickname” and you can manage it via http://”nickname” .)

Finally, go to Moodle to GF16en2 using the password I told you in class and state the name of your new wordpress blog. If you haven’t got a moodle-account yet, apply for it here.

If you have questions opening your WordPress account, feel free to ask the questions in moodle. Please also answer questions your classmates have. Maybe you can help them.


Task (as PDF)