Blogging-Task (Week 17/2017)

(This blog post has similar content like a former one.)

Task 1

A blog post looks great with pictures. But which pictures am I allowed to use? What do creative commons licences mean? What licence allows which usage of pictures?

This coming week (17-18/2017) your job is to find free, i.e. public domain pictures and write a post for your blog about creative commons and public domain pictures as well as good sources for them. You probably need to research for that. Your goal is to be able to use pictures/texts and other sources according to German and/or international copyright law.

You might like this article by a very creative teacher!

By the way: The picture of this blog post is free, too.

Task 2

Read this other article by the very creative teacher. Then summarize it in English. Write comments on other blogs and wait to receive comments on your own blog.

Have fun!




3 thoughts on “Blogging-Task (Week 17/2017)”

  1. Thanks for linking to my article. As it is already a couple of years old, I’ve added a link to a newer resource of mine that explains copyright questions in a more student-friendly way and has two videos for the basics.
    Enjoy your blogging journey!

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  2. Shall we post the summary on our own blog page and share the link of the source text too or shall we bring the summary to school?


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