The Flipped Classroom Concept

Hello GF16en2,

as you know from the previous lessons, we are about to flip our classroom. It is going to be an interesting project and I would like to invite you to make it a great time! Let’s have fun!

What is a flipped classroom?

To start, I have put in a link that leads you to several nice tips. It’s called: I flip, you flip, we all flip. A how-to video for modern video creation. Have fun watching this video which is approximately 24 minutes long. If too long for you, watch it by stages (in Etappen).

Task: Create a list of vocabulary that has to do with the flipped classroom concept. We’ll decide in class who puts the vocabulary into our Quizlet vocabulary list.

Also, do not forget the other tasks:

  • Find a storyboard (Ablaufplan/Szenenbuch) (via Google pictures) and bring at least three pages of it next time.
  • Find out how great the camera of your smartphone is and how much storage you’ve got left.

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